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Many airlines now charge travelers a fee for checking luggage. Before you book your flight, take a look at our chart to see whos charging what! Please note that discounts may apply depending on flyer specific factors, such as but not limited to; frequent flyer status, affinity credit card holders, people who check their bags in online, military, and international itineraries.

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All amounts are in USD unless otherwise noted.

Airlines Applicable
View Policy 1st bag1
effective date
2nd bag1
Air Canada Domestic,
 View policy $256(CAD) $356 (CAD)
AirTran Domestic  View policy $25 $35
Alaska Airlines Domestic  View policy $25  $25

For travel on Alaska Airlines.  Fees apply for carry-on bags that exceed the free carry-on allowance .  Carry-on baggage fee is $25 at the gate. (max size is 10x17x24)

American Airlines Domestic  View policy $25 $35
Delta Domestic  View policy $25 $35
Frontier Airlines Domestic, International  View policy $253 $30
Hawaiian Airlines Domestic  View policy $255 $355
JetBlue Airways Domestic  View policy No Fee $40
Southwest Airlines Domestic  View policy No Fee No Fee
Spirit Airlines Domestic  View policy $40/$452 $50/$552

For travel on Spirit Airlines December 31, 2014 and beyond.  Fees apply for carry-on baggage that will not fit in the under seat space.  Carry-on baggage fee is $45 if paid online and $50 if paid at the gate. (max size of under seat space is 16x14x12)

United Airlines Domestic  View policy $25 $35
US Airways Domestic  View policy $25 $35
Virgin America Domestic  View policy $25 $25
 View policy 20/40(GBP) 34/40(GBP)
discounts if paid at
1 Baggage policies apply each way for select flights.
2 The charge for the first/second checked bag will be $40/$50 when paid using Online Check-In or $45/$55 when paid at the airport kiosks and ticket counter
3 A $5 per bag discount can be applied to these rates if you prepay your fees online
4 Within Canada, to/from Mexico, Caribbean and Costa Rica.  To/from USA $30 and to/from Europe and India $50
5 Travel wholly within the State of Hawaii $17 for 1st and 2nd bag.
6 Travel within Canada 1st bag free and 2nd bag $20 CAD.

Note: Baggage policy and fees are subject to change by the airlines at any time. Please see the airline's Web site for the most current information.

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